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Class05_Discussion_Forum - expensive for a point and shoot...

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Have you ever had cognitive dissonance with a purchase? Were you able to resolve it? There have been many times that I experienced cognitive dissonance with a purchase. For example, I experienced cognitive dissonance when I purchased a Sony HX5V camera. The camera sported a list of impressive features, received a couple good professional reviews, and several knowledgeable people highly recommended it to me as well. However, the HX5V was $400 when I purchased it, which is quite
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Unformatted text preview: expensive for a point and shoot camera and thus, my expectations for it were very high. Within the first few days, I was already disappointed with the image quality. Initially, I tried to reduce my cognitive dissonance by focusing on the positive points about the camera, such as the video quality and fast burst mode. After two weeks of owning the camera, however, I was still unhappy with my purchase and ultimately resolved my cognitive dissonance by returning it....
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