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I spent about an hour going through the website and found very little original content on the site. The website seems to primarily just be a conglomeration of links to external resources. Nonetheless, I believe the content is useful as it helps people to become informed consumers. As an avid internet shopper and long-time internet junkie, I was already familiar with much of the content on the site. However, this website puts all of the information in one place, which is very convenient. I also found that having everything in one place made me more likely to read about topics I wouldn’t otherwise have researched on my own, which lead me to learn a few new things.
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Unformatted text preview: Specifically, I learned quite a bit about online investing and uncovered numerous home buying tips as well. Both of these topics are of great interest to me at present, as I will be getting involved with both in the near future. I had been putting off reading up on these topics as it is difficult to find truly useful information simply by using a search engine. It often takes hours just to filter out all of the junk and find truly useful information; this website has done the filtering for me. I'll be exploring many of these links in depth, as I want to be sure I am knowledgeable about these topics before moving forward....
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