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Although these sources can provide valuable and useful information, they are inherently unreliable and thus not truly good sources from which to obtain information. The individual providing the information may simply be using the internet as a means of discrediting a product or company they are dissatisfied with. It is also possible that the person posting rave reviews of a product or company may in fact be a shill, which is a person who helps or promotes a person/company without disclosing their relationship with that person/company. A third possibility is that the individual providing the information is simply misrepresenting themselves as someone who is knowledgeably about a product or company for one reason or another (e.g. they simply want attention). In any case, since it is often very difficult to distinguish reliable sources from unreliable ones on the internet,
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Unformatted text preview: these cannot be considered good sources of information. There have been many occasions on which I have gotten questionable results by relying on information gathered via message boards and chat rooms. For example, while seeking a new camera, the Sony HX5V came highly recommended by the moderator of an internet forum who claimed to be a photography expert and teacher with over 25 years experience. She raved about this new camera and insisted it was the best camera she had ever owned. As my camera's LCD was broken and I had a backpacking trip coming up, I took this "expert" advice and purchased the camera. The camera turned out to be a huge disappointment. Several weeks later, the person who recommended the camera fessed up and stated that had tried to convince herself (and everyone else) how great the camera was, but in the end had returned it....
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