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Hormel's website is designed more to promote the Hormel brand than the company itself. The familiar Hormel logo is displayed prominently throughout the website, which helps consumers identify their products. There is a button in the navigation bar offering coupons and other promotions, which may encourage both new and repeat customers to buy Hormel's products. The website also offers recipes and other meal ideas to encourage people to purchase Hormel products. Above all, I think that Hormel is able to sustain the SPAM brand because of brand recognition. As the old adage goes: "Any publicity is good publicity." Although people may joke about the brand, at least
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Unformatted text preview: they are talking about the brand. SPAM's notoriety, which has earned it a prominent place within American pop culture, coupled with Hormel’s willingness to poke fun at their own brand, has given them the opportunity to sustain the brand in other ways as well. For example, Hormel has an entire online store dedicated to SPAM-branded merchandise such as hats, t-shirts, kitchen utensils, and even toys for children. They also operate a SPAM museum and host a Fourth of July festival known as SPAM Jam, all of which is made possible by the brand's celebrity status....
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