Class12_HW_Assignment - 1. Pet Supplies Plus (PSP), a pet...

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1. Pet Supplies Plus (PSP), a pet supply store in Easton, PA, is a retail business in my community that has succeeded. The decision to open a franchise with an established, successful organization was probably the single biggest contributor to the store’s success. With two Petco stores, two Petsmart stores, and numerous other competitors, few independent pet supply stores are able to survive in this area. Franchising provided an established plan for success and enabled the store to gain local marketshare quickly with less need to advertise than would have been required without the PSP name. Nonetheless, advertising has contributed to their success as well. PSP advertises on local cable channels, distributes flyers by mail and email, and most importantly, permits rescue groups to hold events in their store. The rescue groups thus advertise for PSP when they advertise their own events and therefore help to draw even more customers into the store. A wide product assortment, particularly in terms of holistic foods, is another factor that contributed to their success. While Petco and Petsmart do carry holistic foods, they have a very limited selection. PSP, on the other hand, carries virtually every major brand of holistic food. Additionally, PSP is willing to special order any food or other product that their distributors carry, a level
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Class12_HW_Assignment - 1. Pet Supplies Plus (PSP), a pet...

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