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Class14_Web_Assignment - Instead I would rather simply go...

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I use a pop-up blocker so I don't see any pop-up ads. However, I see banners plastered everywhere in most of the sites I visit. I find all pop-up ads to be extremely intrusive, which is why I block them. Banner ads don't particularly bother me, though I do find some animated ads to be extremely intrusive, particularly when characters or text move outside of a defined area. Typically I ignore these ads. Occasionally, I do glance at the ads, but I never click on them as you can never be sure where the ad will take you (e.g. a site other than the one specified).
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Unformatted text preview: Instead, I would rather simply go the advertised website directly. I find all of these ads to be very unappealing. However, the ones that are the most unappealing are the ones that fail to remain within the confines of a defined ad block (e.g. a race car that drives across my screen). Not only are these ads irritating, but they often obscure the content that drew me to the website in the first place. Not only do these ads fail to encourage me to shop at the advertised site, but they also drive me from the site that is hosting the ads....
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