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1. Traditional methods of selling attempt to convince the customer to accept a particular perspective or take some type of action. Subsequently, the salesperson would then utilize a variety of techniques in order to get the customer to make a purchase. In most cases, the salesperson’s objectives were in opposition to the buyer’s, thus creating a win-lose situation. Relationship selling, on the other hand, emphasizes personalization and empathy, which are considered crucial elements in identifying potential customers and then fostering them as long-term, satisfied customers. The objective is to construct long-term branded relationships with clients. Therefore, the primary focus is on building mutual trust between both parties via the delivery of anticipated, long-term, value-added benefits to the client. This encourages a win-win situation for both parties. Relationship selling is utilized more often in selling situations which involve industrial-type goods, such as computer systems or heavy machinery, and services, such as insurance and airlines. However, traditional methods of selling are more suited to consumer goods.
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