HCS 335 weekly summary week 1----

HCS 335 weekly summary week 1---- - will arrive at to her...

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This learning experience has affected my moral views of teaching me the fundamental of moral approaches and giving me methodology to use in my personal life. In my pass course to make some moral judgment in each single day when I am up against more significant of how my moral view would be on a daily basics. Some my classes I have taken such as psychology, health care management and a few others have provided me with a better understanding of principles and the different ways of real life conditions. One event that prejudiced my moral views is based upon a look of my first impression. There much different type of situations that happens in the hospital waiting room in the ER, I can remember seeing a young lady come in sick. The clerk at the desk asked her to sit down and someone
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Unformatted text preview: will arrive at to her very soon. Soon did not come quick enough, it was about three- hour too late. This young lady dies in the waiting room, waiting for the doctor to see her. The person with her keeps going to the desk asking for help, he or she did not know why she was so sick. Come to discover she had a blood clot, and I feel as if they should have taken her back and checked her out. My foremost sense tell me that nevertheless, there should not been a delay in seeing this person. This should have been an automatic decision to complete understanding they would have realized what happen. I learned to treat people based upon how sick they are and not wait; it should never happen to the sick that comes into the ER. What decision would you have made in this decision?...
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HCS 335 weekly summary week 1---- - will arrive at to her...

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