Three Current Threats of the Internet

Three Current Threats of the Internet - Current Threats of...

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Current Threats of the Internet By: Keonia Burns December 15, 2010 Final Exam The Internet has so many threats that are identified to many people. Identity theft, on- line predators, and on-line bullying are most important issue to me in which I will discuss. The first issue that will be discussed is Identity Theft. Identity Theft is rapidly growing, especially online. There are about 14 million Americans victims between January 2001 and mid-May 2003 whom ended up with $3.8 billion out of pocket. Identity theft is everywhere; many people are shoulder surfing (where thief looks over your shoulder to see your pin) and stealing of credit card number from dumpsters, handbags, and on-line. Now how can identity theft are mitigated? One way to mitigate the threat is to make sure your personal computer is password protected. If you’re using a company’s computer, make sure that there’s no wanders in your office has access to your network. Password protects and grants access on a “need-to-know” basis to help cut down identity theft. Here are five tips to avoid having your identity stolen; 1. Never give out your social security number on-line or otherwise . - Once criminals have your social security number along with your birthday and address, they have virtually everything they need to start wreaking havoc in your life. 2. Use good anti-virus program . - One way criminals get your credit card numbers, passwords, and other sensitive information is through “Trojan horse” viruses that log your keystrokes and transmit information to the evil doors. 3. Always is a “secure” server when transmitting credit card information over the web and know something about the company before handing over your information 4. A popular new way to pay for goods and service online is to “use your checking account just like a credit card.” 5. Never give out information such as your birthday, marital status, education level, or other personal information. This additional information makes it extremely easy for criminals to make themselves
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Three Current Threats of the Internet - Current Threats of...

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