Dimensions of Wellness

Dimensions of Wellness - world • Need to become more...

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Dimensions of Wellness 8/25/10 Mental Health is a component of wellness. Wellness is used instead of healthy. Health doesn’t always mean that you are well. Definition of wellness: Achievement of your potential in six dimensions and are related; you cant be in just one point and achieve wellness, you have to be working on all. ****You have to have wellness**** Dimensions of Wellness Physical wellness (weight stamina) Emotional wellness (mental health; most critical of the SIX*Foundation*) Self-esteem is the foundation of mental health Goals of mental health: Grounded(rational) and functional (independent) Intellectual Wellness: Brain, smarts; the ability to know what is going on around the
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Unformatted text preview: world • Need to become more cognitive on what is going one around us and not just in our “little” world. • Spiritual Wellness: Belief, help us understand things we don’t understand • Social Wellness: This Changes over time with the groups we are in • Environment Wellness: Our planet (protect) w/o destroying our standard of living o ***Health is active which means you control it **** For Homework: Tell you what we think of when we hear the words: Psychiatrist Addiction Depression Schizophrenia Sociopath...
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