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Emotional Wellness - • Variety: do something different;...

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Emotional Wellness (Mental) 8/27/10 Definition: Mental health: emotionally resilient, bounce back from setbacks; how quickly you get over it; Characteristics of a healthy person: Meet simple demands of daily life (i.e. eating, hygiene, etc) ***Do NOT equate happiness with mental health**** Not grounded with reality, loose grip of reality Practice a procedure to work on your wellness: Step to take to Increase self-understanding Improve your communication skills: verbal and written, be an effective communicator Maintain positive self-estem Meet the 4 basic human needs Love: Not romantic Live: getting up to about your day, function Fell important: sense of purpose
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Unformatted text preview: • Variety: do something different; flexibility, • Examination of your value system: using your values Self-Esteem (GOOD): The way you perceive yourself. Having friends, dealing with stress, enjoy exploring Self Esteem (Bad): isolation, quiet, has a tendency to find trouble, self-defining behavior, don’t meet the basic human needs Four Different Conditions: • Self of connection: How are you in a group. • Sense of Uniqueness: How different from everybody else • Sense of Power: How much control you have in your life? Intrinsic and extrinsic • Sense of Model: The way you were raised? What was right or wrong?...
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