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Mental Health Promotion 9-13-10 In order to have mental promotion programs we need to have the following: First Commitment: to support: not use the mentality of Not in My Backyard (NIMB) it was started in the 1970. We have to see who is running the national level (congress). When Democrats are running congress there is more social mental health such as o Public policy o Funding Health promotion is a process in enabling to increase and improve their health. Good Mental Health Promotion Programs: 1. Should not be just for the rich, it must include everybody 2. Should focus on the cause of the illness instead of just treating (if you eliminate the cause, there will be less to treat. Move to a productive society
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Education, communication and community development 4. Direct public participation. Has to be good quality for people to participate 5. Health Professional: must contribute mostly with their time. Specifically (3) programs for Mental Health Promotion: 1. Literacy of Mental Issues 2. High Self-Esteem of the community members 3. Coping skills focus (coping strategies) To reach these goals: 1. Empower the individuals(specifically life skills, self-esteem training, parenting skills, conflict resolution) 2. Strengthen Community: social interactions, social services, strategies in schools, community safety, bulling 3. Reduce the health disparities....
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