Personality Disorders 11_1_10

Personality Disorders 11_1_10 - Personality Disorders...

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Personality Disorders 11_1_10 Borderline Personality Disorder Characteristics : Very unstable moods, trouble with relationships, self-image and behaviors. Emotions are all over daily. o Suffer from emotional deregulation: Can’t regulate emotions properly o Can experience intense mood changes within every hour or half a day o Views themselves as fundamentally bad, misunderstood, empty, don’t know who they are, intense admiration to anger and dislike quickly within a relationship o Engage in risky sex, binge eating and spending Avoidant Personality Disorder: They avoid social interaction because they feel inadequate and sensitive to what other people might say o Do Not take chances o Won’t be in a relationship unless it is automatic they are liked o Preoccupied with being ridicule o Intimate relationship are carefully thought out since they do not like criticize or keeping the standards of the world. Dependent Personality: Dependent on other people to take care of them, fear of being alone, separate, “CLINGY” o Trouble making decisions-needs a lot of input from other people o Need other people to support them o Can’t start anything on their own
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Personality Disorders 11_1_10 - Personality Disorders...

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