Chapter 10 Practice 2 - A Puzzle for You

Chapter 10 Practice 2 - A Puzzle for You - FALSE 22 64 S on...

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A Puzzle for You 1 Your Name Goes Here After You Find the Password No. Cryptic Answer Score 1 24 H in a D 24 hours in a day TRUE 2 26 L of the A FALSE 3 7 D of the W FALSE 4 7 W of the A W FALSE 5 12 S of the Z FALSE 6 52 C in a D (W Js) FALSE 7 13 S in the USF FALSE 8 18 H on a G C FALSE 9 90 D in a R A FALSE 10 3 B M (S H T R) FALSE 11 32 is the T in D F at which W F FALSE 12 3 W on a T FALSE 13 11 P on a F (or S) T FALSE 14 12 M in a Y FALSE 15 8 S on a S S FALSE 16 29 D in F in a L Y FALSE 17 365 D in a Y FALSE 18 52 W in a Y FALSE 19 9 L of a C FALSE 20 60 M in a H FALSE 21 23 P of C in the H B
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Unformatted text preview: FALSE 22 64 S on a C (or C) B FALSE 23 1000 Y in a M FALSE 24 200 D for P G in M FALSE 25 360 D in a C FALSE 26 9 P in the S S FALSE Each cryptic message has an expanded solution. Enter each answer (they are not case sensitive) in the appropriate place and your score will be computed automatically. If you become frustrated, the worksheet contains the solution, but you will have to explore it carefully to find it. We have supplied the first answer for you....
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