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Alcestis - 1 Gets Alcestis to die 2 Blames his parents...

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EURIPIDES, ALCESTIS I. PLOT: A. Alcestis dies for her husband B. Admetus (husband) suffers & "learns lesson" C. Herakies goes to Hades, fights Death & wins Alcestis back for Admetus II. BURIAL RITES: Imp. lines: 96-104; 215, 258-64; 618.; 843ff., 1145f. III. NECROMANCY--lines 349-355 IV. MESSAGES/LESSONS: A. Admetus suffers/acts childish; then LEARNS
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Gets Alcestis to die 2. Blames his parents B. "Friendship" & "Nobility" = Civilization; both are very important (Herakles saves Alcestis to reward Admetus for his friendship) C. Death-Altitudes: 1. Inescapable Individual obligation 2. Some Fates are "worse than Death" D. Fortune (Tyche) is fickle (lines 781, 960)...
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