Alchemy lec - **transformation idea most imp.** 3. Heavenly...

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ALCHEMY I. ORIGINS, Def.: Egypt, Asia Minor (Hittite metallurgy-iron) Luck: Egyptian science connected w/Magic, Astrology, religion Linguistic: Egy.(pre-Arabic) noun "kamt, quemt," chemi = "black 'stuff' powder" Frazier: Alchemy evolved to Chemistry (Middle Ages-Merlin) --symbol: Ouroboros --meaning: unity of all forces in cosmos II. MAIN PURPOSES: 1. metal change 2. create elixir 3. make humans 4. Perfection of the 'soul'>>ONE III. MAIN ASPECTS (2): l. Applied Science 2.mystic/relig. life IV. UNIFYING CONCEPTS-. 1. Within 'unity of all' are '4 elements' = Fire, Water, Earth, Air 2. 4* elements can be transformed into each other *Aristotle added 5th element-- ether
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Unformatted text preview: **transformation idea most imp.** 3. Heavenly bodies composed of ether; ether also in vegetable, mineral, animal substances. V. ALCHEMY AS RELIGION: [Basis: Hermes 3X blessed; 13 precepts] 1. Luck: Alchemy = rituals, 'mysteries'? 2. Soul is divine (Stoic view & Astral relig. idea) 3. Chemical-Religious transformations a. Apuleius, Lucius > Ass (magic) > back to human (Isis) b. werewolves, birds c. use of magic, herbs, chemistry 4. Techniques & Philosophy: Comarius' book a. Egyptian uses/connectionsKleopatra b. Dyeing processes (secret) c. beautiful philosophy--4 parts d. Astrology, Magic, Herbs, Transformation e. ONE conquers 4 elements...
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Alchemy lec - **transformation idea most imp.** 3. Heavenly...

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