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athens rise to empire - Athens Riseto Empire(How Accident...

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Unformatted text preview: Athens' Riseto Empire (How? Accident? Premeditation?) l. ORIGINS: A. 478 BC. situation: Athens -a winner,strong-—navy & leaders B. Sparta--withdraws-- 1. Pausanias' disgrace; 2. isolationism C. Deios meeting «to form permanent League vs. Persia Purposes: 1. protection 2. revenge 3. liberate lonia Organization: . Athens in charge" = Athens' demos 1. generals (strategor) 2. tax collection (phoros) 'll FUNCTIONING OF THE 'LEAGUE': A. Military successes 478-468 BC. (Kimon strategos of navy) B. Aristeides (the Just) set phoros-(sim. to Persian taxes)--more League allies begin to pay cash. not ships-OK w/Athens! C. No Secession policy: 1. Naxos 470 BC. -—membership not voluntary 2. Eion siege, Skyros (N.Aegean) conquered. enslaved, klerouchy 3. Thasos 465-63BC--a special case? ill. ATHENS' INCREASING iMPERlALiSM: ' A. Athens' policy 2 League policy (Thasos‘ revolt--imp. ex.) B. Athens intervenes more in allies' affairs (political, legal, decrees) 1. 700 agents sent to allied polises 2. imp.. legal cases go to Athens C. Wars in Egypt, Central Greece, Cyprus--anti-Persian or Expansionist? lV. ATHENIAN EXPANSIONISM-~MOTIVES: anti-Persian? Empire? A. N. Aegean: to protect grain trade route to Black Sea *klerouchies set up there (dual citizenship) B. West-Sicily & ltaly: 1.estab. colony-Thouroi-—open to all Greeks 2. Athens makes alliances w/Segesta, Leontini Why? C. Central Greece: to punish 'Medizers'? other motives? V. ATHENS AS IMPERiALlST (ca. 460 3.0.) 1. Athens moves League Treasury from Deios to Athens 454 BC. 2. All allies must use Athenian drachmas for business (exchanged at Athens-by deadline). 3. Athens pushes democracies in oligarchic (pro-spartan) allied polises 4. 449KB Athens uses 1/60 of phoros for Athena-Perikles‘ bldg. program 5. 449 BC. Peace of Kaliias wiPersia-why did League continue ? Vi. Athens Goals? Perikles' Vision? 1.a trading Empire. dominating Mediterranean Sea. 2. wealth? land? booty? 3. ** Who benefitted’? at Athens-aristocrats? demos? ; in League? 4. Answers?-Perikles' "Funeral Oraticn" 431 BC, Thucydides, Bk. ii, 36—45 ...
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