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CLT Mag.Fin Ex St.Gd.S'07 - (probably 2 options in each...

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Magic, Witchcraft, & Anc. Myst. Cult FINAL EXAM Study Guide Dr. Judy Turner S’07 CLT 3930, sec.4271 Exam total = 2 00 pts. IN-CLASS PART OF EXAM (100 pts.) @ last class Wed. 4/25/07: (Bring bluebook for Part II-short essays). ***Exam will be based upon class studies, assignments. DO NOT research answers studies. Part I : Transliterate into ancient Greek : (10 pts.=10 words @ 1 pt. ea.) ( To Do on Exam sheet) Know rules for smooth, rough breathing marks. Know long, short vowels ( i.e ., eta,epsilon; omega, omicron.) Study compound Greek letters, such as chi, theta, phi, psi. Part II : Short Essays (90 pts.= 2 @ 45 pts. ea.) from lecs., Readings, & videos. To be done @ last class in Bluebook. Do not tear pages from Bluebook . *Actual Exam Groups A & B will be shorter versions
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Unformatted text preview: (probably 2 options in each Group) of Groups A & B below: Discuss the main significance of ONE from each Group below. Cite significant specifics in essays. Group A Group B 1. Exorcism (& varieties-from class video) 1. ancient Alchemy 2. hist. of Vampires (class video) 2 . Relig./spiritual sig. in Apuleius, Golden Ass 2. anc. Visits to Underworld 3. Dionysos relig. ./mystery cult, & Euripides’ “Bacchae” 4. ancient Astrology 4. Voodoo-.sig. .beliefs, practices (class video) Part III: MAIN ESSAY (100 pts.) ‘take-home’ (2 typed pgs., double-spaced, 10 or 12 point font, 1- inch margins, left/right) will be distributed @ last class, i.e ., 4/25, @ In-class Final. DUE Monday, 4/30/07, 5:00 P.M., @ Dr. Turner’s office , 138 Dauer Hall, or earlier. Slip it under office door if Dr. Turner is not there. Staple the Part III instruction sheet to your typed pages before turning in to Dr. Turner....
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