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Magic, Witchcraft, Anc. Cult Midterm Study Guide Dr. Judy A. Turner S’07 , CLT 3930, 4271 (100 pts., exam total) Midterm Exam will be IN-CLASS, Wed.. March 7 . Bring Bluebook for essays . Bluebook available at most bookstores, $.40, lrg./small size ok. Do not write in Bluebook before exam & do not tear out pages. Cross out anything you do not want graded. Part I. Transliteration –Eng. to ancient Greek: (10 points) You will be asked to transliterate 5 words (2pts.ea.) from English to ancient Greek. Preparation should include memorizing the Greek alphabet from Handout + learning the rules about long/short vowels & rough/smooth breathing marks . Most of the words will be taken from words you have already seen. Part II. Short Essays : 40 pts. = [email protected] 20 pts. ea. Spend about 10 min. on each essay. You will be asked to write 2 short essays ( one from each Group ) approx. ½-1 pg. in a bluebook (lrg, sml), discussing the main significance of 2 of the following items. Exam groups will be shorter versions of these.
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