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Curriculum Vitae K. Kapparis 10 October 2009 CURRICULUM VITAE Profile Konstantinos Kapparis Associate Professor of Classics Director of the Center for Greek Studies University of Florida, 125 Dauer Hall P.O. Box 117435, Gainesville, FL, 32611 e-mail: [email protected] Research Interests Attic Orators Athenian law and society Women’s history and gender studies History of medicine and medical ethics Textual criticism. Teaching Interests Greek and Roman Literature: Attic Orators Greek and Roman Medical Authors Greek Women Authors (from antiquity to the present day) Early Christian Authors (Greek and Latin) Greek Historians, Ancient and Byzantine Ancient History: Athenian law, constitution and politics Women and gender studies Sparta Greece and the Near East, in particular Achaemenid Persia Social and economic history of Classical Athens Employment Associate Professor of Classics, University of Florida (2003 -) Assistant Professor of Classics, University of Florida (2000-2003) Lecturer in Ancient History, Queen's University of Belfast (1998-2000) Lecturer in Classics, University of Glasgow (1997-1998) Education University of Glasgow Classics PhD 1992 University of Crete Classics MPhil 1987 University of Crete Classics BA 1985 RESEARCH AND PUBLICATIONS 1
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Curriculum Vitae K. Kapparis 10 October 2009 Books 1. Legal Speeches from Classical Athens , (Co-authored with A. Wolpert), Hackett (Completed and submitted manuscript under contract; Anticipated publication date: March 2010). This large volume (pp. c. 600) contains introduction translation and notes of 13 speeches: Antiphon 6: On the Chorister ; Lysias 1: On the Murder of Eratosthenes , 12: Against Eratosthenes , 16: For Mantitheus , 23: Against Pancleon , 24: For the Disability Pension ; Isaeus 12: For Euphiletus; Demosthenes 32: To Zenothemis ; 41: Against Spudias ; 53: Against Nicostratus; 54: Against Conon ; 59: Against Neaira ; Aeschines 1: Against Timarchus . 2 . jApollodwvrou [Dhmosqevnou"] Kata; Neaivra". Eijsagwghv - jArcai'o Keivmeno - JErmhneutika; Scovlia Kwnstantivno" jA. Kavpparh" - Metavfrash Gewvrgio" jA. Cristodouvlou, Athens 2008, Ekdoseis Stigme. A much expanded and upgraded version of the 1999 English commentary in modern Greek (pp. 481). 3 . Abortion in the Ancient World London 2002, Duckworth (pp. viii +264)- 4 . Apollodoros 'Against Neaira' [D. 59]: Edited with Introduction, Translation and Commentary, Berlin-New York 1999 , Walter de Gruyter (pp. iv + 458). Books in Progress Prostitution in the Ancient Greek World Expected completion date: Spring 2010 Two Greek Studies on the Foetus Introduction, Greek Text, Translation and Detailed Commentary of Pseudo-Galen Eij zw`on to; kata; gastrov~ ( Whether what is carried in the womb is a living being ) and Pro;~ Gau`ron peri; tou` pw`~ yucou`tai ta; e[mbrua ( To Gauros on how embryos acquire a soul ).
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CV09 - Curriculum Vitae K Kapparis 10 October 2009 1...

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