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EG2 - Egalia’s Daughters “Laughing in a Liberating...

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Unformatted text preview: Egalia’s Daughters “Laughing in a Liberating Defiance” Christopher Bram In trouble with his wife 62% of the time Once dreamed of becoming an engineer “If I was in your place [Petronius], I’d do what I wanted to do.” Ruth Bram Senior Executive, likes to drive fast cars Has a 3­day drinking binge after giving birth to Mirabello “What is a mother, really? A distant figure you never really understand. . .” Petronius Bram “In principle there was nothing standing in the way of everybody being equal in Egalia.” His novel “Sons of Democracy” demonstrates that the issue of oppression is also a class issue Spn Owlmoss Accused of promoting masculist propaganda “it wasn’t seemly for a young lad to show an interest in gardening and [his mother] presented him with some embroidery patterns. . .” Social Issues in the text What is Ruth Bram’s reaction to the assault of her son? Is it a civic issue or a matter of consent to her? Does this remind you of what you have learned about rape in ancient Greece and Rome? Why did Christopher have a tough childhood? What other factors contribute to class division in Egalia? Social Issues, Part II “Sexual identity is even more important than class identity.” “But who said there had to be a division of labor based on sex?” “But what do we write about what we do? And even if we do write something, what guarantee do we have that . . . it will be preserved?” Gerd Brantenberg What kinds of equality do you think she would like to see in modern society? What would her ideal society be like? Environmental Issues “They took care that no more oxygen was used and no more nitrogen was released, than was compatible with preserving the balance.” A Positive Self Image “The older manwom tore off his wig and flung it up into the air. The crown of his head was completely bald. It was the most horrific and obscene sight the hundreds of spectators had ever seen.” Cf. Trimalchio in the Satyricon – why is Encolpius nauseated? Equal Parenting Roles for Both Equal Sexes Sexes “. . . Children should be the responsibility of both parents. A child was the product of the father and the mother . . .” Unbiased Language Unbiased “It’s important to have a really good understanding of the language. Then I could systematically set out weeding out all words indicating wim were in control of society.” Fandango, p. 146 Why is this book funny? “[Men] refuse to be amused by the observation that an unnatural arbitrary system makes their dominant position possible. Women, on the other hand, can now muster the strength to insult patriarchy. . . Rather than resigning herself to patriarchy, the reader uses humor to rebel against it.” Marleen S. Barr Some conclusions “Patriarchy is merely one of many possible representations of human reality.” Marleen S. Barr “Words are what women have been lacking most, both in conversation and literature.” Asa Moberg “No culture which managed to distort the natural characteristics of the two sexes to such a degree could be regarded as a real culture. . . . .” Gerd Brantenberg Summary This semester, by exploring themes of sex and gender from ancient Greece and Rome to modern times, we havestudied how the perception and definition of gender­specific behavior shifts due to social and environmental factors The ancient and modern readings we have explored suggest the following: “When the sex roles of our society are completely reversed, the world appears to be a ridiculous place, yet it deserves to be otherwise.” Verne Moberg ...
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