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Unformatted text preview: Myths of Fertility and the Myths of Fertility and the Underworld Inanna and Dumuzi Inanna and Dumuzi s s s Mesopotamian goddess of fertility Represents sexuality and fertility of earth and all living things including humans Mother Earth / Goddess myths common in agricultural societies. Isis and Osiris Isis and Osiris s s s s s s Osiris is the giver of laws and civilization Isis gives life, and teaches people agriculture and domestic tasks Osiris buried away. Isis searches for him When found Osiris is torn apart and reassembled Osiris comes back from the dead to impregnate Isis Cybele and Attis Cybele and Attis s s s s s Goddess of hunting and fertility Cybele ­ Agdestis ­ Attis All men around her end up castrated Her priests (Galli) were castrated An orgiastic cult which shocked Romans, but found plentiful followers Aphrodite and Adonis Aphrodite and Adonis s s s A primarily hellenistic myth, modelled on the oriental mother goddess myths. Handsome Adonis is killed accidentally and Aphrodite mourns him The death of Adonis celebrated by women. Demeter and Persephone Demeter and Persephone s s s A more sophisticated version of the Goddess / Dead Lover motif Persephone ends up spending time in the underworld as the queen of the dead Wife of Pluto/Hades Eleusis, The Telesterion Eleusis, The Telesterion ...
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