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1 Sexuality, Power and Roman Venus Edward Gutting 1. Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite (Text and translation by Evelyn-White) 1-7 mou'sav moi e[nnepe e[rga polucruvsou jAfrodivth", Kuvprido", h{te qeoi'sin ejpi; gluku;n i{meron w\rse kaiv t ¾ ejdamavssato fu'la kataqnhtw'n ajnqrwvpwn oijwnouv" te diipeteva" kai; qhriva pavnta, hjme;n o{" ¾ h[peiro" polla; trevfei hjd ¾ o{ sa povnto": pa'sin d ¾ e[rga mevmhlen ejustefavnou Kuqereivh". trissa;" d ¾ ouj duvnatai pepiqei'n frevna" oujd ¾ ajpath'sai: Muse, tell me the deeds of golden Aphrodite the Cyprian, who stirs up sweet passion in the gods and subdues the tribes of mortal men and birds that fly in air and all the many creatures that the dry land rears, and all that the sea : all these love the deeds of rich-crowned Cytherea. Yet there are three hearts that she cannot bend nor yet ensnare. 2. HHA 34-44 tw'n d ¾ a[llwn ou[ pevr ti pefugmevnon e[st ¾ jAfrodivthn 35ou[te qew'n makavrwn ou[te qnhtw'n ajnqrwvpwn. kaiv te pare;k Zhno;" novon h[gage terpikerauvnou, o{ste mevgistov" t ¾ ejsti; megivsth" t ¾ e[mmore timh'". kaiv te tou', eu\t ¾ ejqevloi, pukina;" frevna" ejxapafou'sa rJhidivw" sunevmixe kataqnhth'/si gunaixivn, {Hrh" ejklelaqou'sa, kasignhvth" ajlovcou te, h} mevga ei\do" ajrivsth ejn ajqanavth/si qeh'/si. kudivsthn d ¾ a[ra min tevketo Krovno" ajgkulomhvth" mhvthr te JReivh: Zeu;" d ¾ a[fqita mhvdea eijdw;" aijdoivhn a[locon poihvsato kevdn ¾ eijdui'an.
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2 But of all others there is nothing [35] among the blessed gods or among mortal men that has escaped Aphrodite. Even the heart of Zeus, who delights in thunder, is led astray by her; though he is greatest of all and has the lot of highest majesty, she beguiles even his wise heart whensoever she pleases, and mates him with mortal women, [40] unknown to Hera, his sister and his wife, the grandest far in beauty among the deathless goddesses --most glorious is she whom wily Cronos with her mother Rhea did beget: and Zeus, whose wisdom is everlasting, made her his chaste and careful wife. 3. HHA 45-52 th'/ de; kai; aujth'/ Zeu;" gluku;n i{meron e[mbale qumw'/ ajndri; kataqnhtw'/ micqhvmenai, o[fra tavcista mhd ¾ aujth; brotevh" eujnh'" ajpoergmevnh ei[h, kaiv pot ¾ ejpeuxamevnh ei[ph/ meta; pa'si qeoi'sin hJdu; geloihvsasa, filommeidh;" jAfrodivth, 50w[" rJa qeou;" sunevmixe kataqnhth'/si gunaixiv, kaiv te kataqnhtou;" uiJei'" tevkon ajqanavtoisin, w{" te qea;" ajnevmixe kataqnhtoi'" ajnqrwvpoi". But upon Aphrodite herself Zeus cast sweet desire to be joined in love with a mortal man, to the end that, very soon, not even she should be innocent of a mortal's love; lest laughter-loving Aphrodite should one day softly smile and say mockingly among all the gods [50] that she had joined the gods in love with mortal women who bare sons of death to the deathless gods, and had mated the goddesses with mortal men. 4a.
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Gutting - Sexuality Power and Roman Venus Edward Gutting 1...

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