Lys - that his case did not lie before the magistrate he...

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Homework (Prepare for the class) It is easy, then, to make sure that even the man himself, far from regarding himself as a citizen, does not suppose himself to be even a freeman. For when a man has chosen, on being carried off by force, to make his own associates liable to action for assault rather than to be vindicated as a freeman by legal process and to get damages from those who were arresting him, nobody can have difficulty in perceiving that he was so conscious of his being a slave that he was afraid to provide guarantors and to face a trial concerning his civil status. Now, that he is far from being a citizen, I think you perceive pretty clearly from these statements; and that even the man himself, who is most fully aware of his own position, did not expect you to believe that he was a citizen, will be readily impressed on you by his own conduct. For in his counter-deposition at the proceedings brought against him by the prosecutor, here present, when he contended
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Unformatted text preview: that his case did not lie before the magistrate, he was declared on evidence not to be a citizen. Assignment He called me out of doors, and, as soon as I went outside, made an immediate attempt to strike me. When I beat him off, he stood out of reach and began pelting me with stones. He missed me, but his friend, who had accompanied him to my house, was struck by a stone which broke his forehead. So I, gentlemen, feeling myself grossly ill-used, but ashamed--as I have already told you before--at my misfortune, put up with it, and preferred to go without satisfaction for the offences rather than be thought lacking in sense by the citizens: for I knew that, while his actions would be found appropriate to his wickedness, I should be derided for the treatment I received by a number of people who are in the habit of resenting my ambition that one may show for a good standing in the city....
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Lys - that his case did not lie before the magistrate he...

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