myth - Wed 23 Theseus and the Myths of Athens Thu 24 The...

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CLT 3370: Myths of the Greeks and the Romans Section 4580 Instructor: K. Kapparis ([email protected]) Teaching Assistants: Generosa Sangco-Jackson ([email protected]) George Hendren ( [email protected] ) Jeff Yeakel ( [email protected] ) Introductory lectures June, Mon. 30: The nature of Myth July, Tue. 1: The Cultural Context of Classical Myth Wed. 2: The Development of Classical Myth Thur. 3: Revision and Quiz Fri 4: Independence Day (No Classes) Divine Myths Mo. 7: Myths of Creation: the Rise of Zeus Tue. 8: Myths of Creation: The Origins of Mortals Wed. 9. Myths of the Olympian Gods: Zeus and Hera Thu: 10. Myths of the Olympian Gods: The Male Deities Fri 11: Revision and Quiz Mo. 14: Myths of the Olympian Gods. Female Deities Tue. 15: Myths of Fertility: Demeter and the Great Goddess Wed. 16: Myths of Fertility: Dionysus Thur. 17: Myths of Death: Encounters with the Underworld Fri. 18: Revision and Quiz Legends Mo. 21: Perseus and Myths of the Argive Plain Tue. 22. Heracles
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Unformatted text preview: Wed. 23 Theseus and the Myths of Athens Thu. 24: The Myths of Crete Fri. 25: Revision and Quiz Mon. 28: Oedipus and the Myths of Thebes Tue. 29: Jason and the Myths of Iolcus and Calydon Wed. 30. The Trojan War: The House of Atreus; The Anger of Achilles Thur. 31. The Trojan War: The Fall of Troy: The Return of Agamemnon August, Fri. 1: Revision and Quiz Mon. 4: The Return of Odysseus Tue. 5: The Roman Myth Wed. 6, Theories of Myth Interpretation Thur. 7: Reception of Greek Myth in Modern Cinema and Art Fri. 8: FINAL TEST Assessment: 5 Class Quizzes (10 x 5 = 50%) Final Exam (50%) (Note: Each week's topics correspond exactly to the sections of the course book, and students are expected to have read those sections AHEAD of each lecture). Extra Credit available through additional surprise class quizzes. Course Book (Available in Bookstores and Online) Barry B. Powell Classical Myth (3 rd Edition), New Jersey 2001...
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myth - Wed 23 Theseus and the Myths of Athens Thu 24 The...

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