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CLASS ROOM DISCUSSION GUIDES You should print out these pages and bring them to class with you. Oedipus Tyrannus Name: Oidipous oidao pous / oida / pous [oidãv pouw/ oida pouw] Title: Tyrannos Prophecy: Not fulfillment of prophecy but that O. has fulfilled it and discovers that he has. * A Detective Play Two quests lead to one answer A play of reversal(s): peripeteia One event not initiated by O. leads to the final answer: the arrival of the Corinthian Messenger Casting: We will do this in class: Oedipus Jocasta Creon Actor 2 Actor 2 Actor 3 Actor 2 Palace Messenger
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Themes & Images: Footwork Place where 3 roads meet single for double Riddles (What is Riddle of the Sphinx??) "Character is Destiny" Tyche, "chance" as guide-> end "Theban trilogy" - by story line the plays run... Oedipus Tyrannus Oedipus at Colonus Antigone by composition time plays run.. Antigone (441) OT (429/428 OC 407/406 Sophocles' plays stand alone; each has its own hero/heroine facing a destiny or a decision. Other characters try to change the central figure from his/her determined action,
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