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PresTopics - ROBINETTE STEVEN L 11 Handout 215 How is the...

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Name Week Topic ANDERSON ERICA GAIL 5 Is the character of Strepsiades likeable or not and why? ASHURST CLARK WARD 5 Is the character of Socrates likeable or not and why? BEARD BRIAN W 5 Describe and Explain the Education of Socrates BERGQUIST SARAH 5 The Better and Worse argument are representations of what? CRAWFORD NATHANAEL J 6 Is education in the Clouds a good or a bad thing and why? DAVIES MATTHEW RYAN 6 How is science and philosophy represented in the Clouds? DELONE NOAH 6 Did you find the Clouds a subversive play, and if so why? ENGEL CHAD W 6 Investigate the prosecution and trial of Socrates. FOSTER BONNIE C 7 Why did the Spartans impose so many rules and restrictions upon themselves? HENDRYX ROBERT W II 8 The Byzantine Empire under emperor Justinian HUGH ANABEL M 10 Myrivilis Handout: How would you describe the contrast between chapters 3 and 13? KINSEY ALICIA LAUREN 11 How is Gigantis portrayed, and why is this episode important for the plot? QUINTANA ISABEL C 11 How does the episode about the Deserters fit into the plot of the novel?
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Unformatted text preview: ROBINETTE STEVEN L 11 Handout 215: How is the preparation for the great assault presented? SANTELLI FRANCISCO A 11 Handout 215: What is the mood before the great assault, and why? SCHWARZ MATTHEW G 12 How does the Introduction of The Last Temptation illustrate the novel? SMITH AMANDA M 12 In the final scene why is the cry 'it is accomplished' triumphant? Explain! STOKES JARED C 12 What is the essence of the conversation between Jesus and Mary? VAN DEN BOOGAARD JON 13 Do you believe that the Last Temptation was written to shock? WALSH TIMOTHY R 13 Why do you believe the Last Temptation cause such outrage? WESTBERRY WENDY RENE 13 Did you find the Last Temptation a spiritual novel or not and why? WILL JUSTIN A 13 Why has religion been one of the main reasons of intollerance and persecution? WOLFE ADAM H 15 Present the poem A Little Naivety WOOD EMILY C 15 Present the poem Forgetfulness ZHAO DAN 15 Present the poem Epilogue...
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