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Review GYT09 - Who selects the plays to be presented Review...

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REVIEW FROM GREEK DRAMA PRESENTATION: 1. Review the origins of Greek tragedy as we know them from Aristotle's poetics: Who is credited with beginning it? How was the chorus enlarged in the following years? What does the word "tragedy" literally mean? What is a dithytramb 2. Review the parts of the standard Greek theater. Be able to identify: Orchestra, skene, thymele, theologeion, mechane, parados, ekkeklema 3. Much of the real action in Greek tragedy happens off stage: how is it reported to the audience? How is it displayed to that audience? Review information about the festival: For which deity? How is it paid for?
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Unformatted text preview: Who selects the plays to be presented? Review information about the actors: Costume, mask, gender, number, choruses. REVIEW FROM OEDIPUS TYRANNUS INFORMATION Review the information about the hero's name. Review themes of the play. Review: what does hamartia mean, and how does it apply to this play? Is OT truly a part of a "Theban Trilogy" ? What event in the play turns the course of action - what changes O's search for Laius' killer to a search for his own identity? What is Jocasta's concern throughout the play? Consider the ending: how would you direct the play's ending?...
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