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Unformatted text preview: RULES FOR THE FINAL EXAM FOR SEX AND GENDER TEST 2: April 20th, 2005 TEST RULES TEST RULES ► NO TALKING ► NO CELLPHONES – please turn them off now, but if you need it on for an emergency, please let us know before the exam ► YOU MAY BE ASKED TO MOVE DURING THE EXAM – but this is not necessarily because we think YOU are cheating, someone may be cheating off of you Name Answers 1 per question Fill In ONE oval completely – not like this UF ID, NOT SSN 4­Digit Code for Grade Posting WHEN YOU ARE DONE WHEN YOU ARE DONE ►PLEASE DO NOT TALK WHILE LEAVING ►YOU MUST SHOW A GATOR 1 CARD, OR OTHER OFFICIAL FORM OF PICTURE ID WHEN YOU HAND IN THE EXAM ►YOU MUST TURN IN YOUR SCANTRON AND YOUR EXAM – DO NOT KEEP YOUR EXAM GRADES GRADES ► GRADES WILL BE POSTED BY FOUR­ DIGIT CODE YOU CHOOSE – DON’T FORGET IT ­ OUTSIDE OF THE CLASSICS OFFICE BY NEXT WEEK ► IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT THE EXAM OR YOUR GRADE, contact Dr. Kapparis at ( or Dr. Rea at ( ...
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