Week1GH - Periods of Greek History Bronze Age 3000-1100 BC...

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Periods of Greek History: Bronze Age: 3000-1100 BC Use of copper and bronze tools and weapons. Mycenian kingdoms and the world of Homer. Dark ages (or Iron Age): 1100-700 BC No writing but high quality Geometric art. Iron becomes widely available Archaic Period: 700-500 BC The era of lyric poetry (Sappho, Archilochos, Pindar et al.), the fall of aristocracy and the rise of tyrants. Classical Period: 500-323 BC Both Greece and Achaemenid Persia reach their peak and come into conflict. By the end of the period Persia has been subdued, and a vast Greek empire has been created. Hellenistic Period: 323-146 BC The kingdoms of the successors of Alexander. The rise of Rome and final subjugation of the Greek world to Rome. Republican Period: 146-31 BC The period when Greece is part of the Roman Republic Imperial Era: 31 BC-330 AD Greece as part of the Roman Empire Byzantine Period: 330 –1453 AD A Greek speaking, Christian empire is given the name Byzantium by later scholars. This long-lived unit is separated into periods according to the dynasties which ruled it. The Ottoman period: 1453-1821 AD The Greek world is under Ottoman rule The Modern Period: 1821-today The Greek cities in the archaic period:
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Week1GH - Periods of Greek History Bronze Age 3000-1100 BC...

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