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XenophonAssignment - at once when the charge had just been...

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Assignment on Xenophon (Translate this text into Greek trying to match the style of Xenophon if possible) When he sailed in, the common crowd gathered to his ships, filled with wonder and desiring to see the famous him. Some of them said that he was the best of the citizens; that he alone was banished without just cause, but rather because he was plotted against by those who had less power than he and spoke less well and ordered their political doings with a view to their own private gain, whereas he was always advancing the common weal, both by his own means and by the power of the state. At the time in question, they said, he was willing to be brought to trial
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Unformatted text preview: at once, when the charge had just been made that he had committed sacrilege; his enemies, however, postponed the trial, which was obviously his right, and then, when he was absent, robbed him of his fatherland; thereafter, in his exile, helpless as a slave and in danger of his life every day, he was forced to pay court to those whom he hated most; and though he saw those who were dearest to him, his fellow-citizens and kinsmen and the city, making mistakes, he was debarred by his banishment from the opportunity of helping them....
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