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GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY School of Civil and Environmental Engineering CEE 8813 Materials Science of Concrete Lecture and Notes The purpose of this portion of the course is to gain an in-depth understanding in an area of interest to you related to concrete technology and to further develop your critical analysis skills and your technical communication skills. Often, the best way to fully understand a topic is to teach others about that topic. This assignment is not simply a class presentation, but a graduate-level lecture , including presentation and preparation of in-depth course notes. This means that you must present an analysis of the current state-of-the-art in a fairly narrow area , by: briefly reviewing fundamental concepts relevant to the lecture topic reviewing, analyzing, and relating key seminal and recent papers in that area, highlighting differences of opinion that exist in the literature, assessing the merit of the these opinions and the research underlying them (including presenting results from simple lab experiments), drawing conclusions from the available literature (when possible), and identifying areas where further research is warranted. The assignment is as follows: 1. Find a topic, related to the course objectives and content, of particular interest to you. Some ideas for lecture topics are listed below, but you are not at all restricted to these: Internal curing Low energy cements Nanostructure of cement-based materials Autogneous/self-healing of cement-based materials High volume fly ash concrete Advances in superplasticizers
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lecture - GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY School of Civil...

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