To Get to the SPA 3032 News Group

To Get to the SPA - 9 Find UF(59 groups on the list(its alphabetical and double click it to expand 10 Find UF.Class on the UF list(also

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To Get To The SPA 3032 News Group Using Netscape: 1) Launch Netscape 2) Go under Communicator to click on Newsgroups 3) Go under Edit to click on Preferences 4) Click on Newsgroup Servers (which is under Mail and Newsgroups in the listing at the left side of the window) 5) Click Add, then type in in the spot for Server 6) Click OK 7) Go under File to click Subscribe. 8) Make sure is the selected server, if not, click the down arrow next to server, and click on (It will then typically take a while to list all of the options in the window that opens up.)
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Unformatted text preview: 9) Find UF (59 groups) on the list (its alphabetical) and double click it to expand 10) Find UF.Class on the UF list (also alphabetical) and double click it to expand 11) Find SPA3032 on the list (once again alphabetical) and click to select. 12) Click Subscribe. You will now be able to post your questions, and read my reply to your and other’s questions. When you want to get on our class’s newsgroup, you can simply launch Netscape, select Newsgroups under Communicator, and click on SPA3032, to read and post items....
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