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GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY School of Civil and Environmental Engineering CEE 8813 Materials Science of Concrete Technical Journal Reviews The purpose of this portion of the course is to encourage you to read both current and seminal technical journal articles and to critically evaluate their technical content, organization, and style. Twice this semester, January 22 and February 12 , you will submit a 1-2 page (single-spaced) technical journal review, and you will briefly (10-15 minutes) and informally present the paper and your review in class. The subject both reviews should be related to a topic you are considering for your lecture; however, the paper selected for the first review should be of fundamental and critical importance (i.e., a seminal paper), while the second paper should be from the more recent literature (i.e., from last 1-2 years). Please bring copies of both papers to distribute to the class. The assignment is as follows: 1. Search the databases for a seminal article and a derivative article, ideally one which cites the seminal
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  • Spring '07
  • Kurts
  • Science, Materials Science, Academic publishing, Ceramic engineering, Concrete Research Journal of Materials Science Cement and Concrete Composites Magazine of Concrete Research Concrete International Materials Science Letters Concrete Science and Engineering Materials and Structures International Journal of Applied Ceramic

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