ACN305 Final.pdf - ACN 305 ASSIGNMENT SUBMITTED TO MR Naheem Mahtab Assistant Professor Department of Accounting Independent University Bangladesh DONE


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ACN 305 ASSIGNMENT SUBMITTED TO: MR. Naheem Mahtab Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting Independent University, Bangladesh DONE BY ADIT SAHA ROY 1620127 SYED MOHAMMAD WAHIDUL ISLAM 1510541
2 Letter of Transmittal To, Mr. Naheem Mahtab Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting School of Business, Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) Subject: An Assignment to identify the specific IFRS pertaining to the presentation and disclosure of liabilities and equity in financial statements, discuss what the IFRS requires, and do a comparative analysis of the presentation of the chosen two companies. Dear Sir, I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to work and complete our assignment through the guidance of your lectures. This assigned task gives us the privilege to explore more about IFRS, accounting principles and the presentation of financial statements. In this assignment, we have mainly identified the difference in the presentation of financial statements of two companies according to the requirement of IFRS. We have given our best effort for the preparation of this assignment hence pardon us for any sort of mistakes or difficulties that may arise as we are still a learner in the accountancy field. Finally, we would love to express our gratefulness for your support and kind consideration throughout the semester. Regards, Adit Saha Roy Wahidul Islam
3 Acknowledgement We, from Team Accountants, would like to take this opportunity to convey our special appreciation and gratitude to Mr Naheem Mahtab, Lecturer, Independent University, Bangladesh for being an extremely emphatic mentor in guiding us throughout the whole course of ACN305. Last but not the least, we would also like to thank to each other as a group as we contributed our arduous effort and time along with the instruction and guidance of Mr. Naheem Mahtab to complete the report without which the assignment would’ve been incomplete. His support and encouragement made the assignment complete. This task extremely improved my knowledge and had made a deeper impact in our thoughts of learning accounting and taking it as a professional qualification in the near future. Thank you