FST3 Fall syllabus 2010

FST3 Fall syllabus 2010 - UPDATED October 11, 2010 Please...

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UPDATED October 11, 2010 Please note: this description (notably the schedule) may change. Announcements will be made at the Course site when this occurs. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS Fall Quarter 2010 Introduction to Brewing and Beer Principal Instructor: Charlie Bamforth 2158 RMI North cwbamforth@ucdavis.edu PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS VERY CAREFULLY (Feel free to e-mail me at any time, e.g. if you want to schedule a meeting. I don’t have formal office hours – I try to make myself available at all times within reason. All I ask is that you e- mail me first and I will respond as soon as I can. Don’t forget that there are TA’s for this class and they are also there to help you – read on) Course goals The course aims to introduce the student in a responsible manner to beer as a major international beverage and to brewing as a traditional yet highly controlled and innovative industrial process. It will encompass a description of the nature of the world’s brewing business, how it has evolved and what the factors are which influence its shape and dynamics. The course will illustrate brewing as a good example of the application of a microbial process to the needs of mankind, but will also illustrate how a range of sciences (including plant physiology, chemical engineering, biochemistry, microbiology) also impinge on the conversion of barley and hops into beer. It will address in a manner accessible to those with only basic science knowledge: (a) the relevance of plant physiology and agronomy in respect of selection and cultivation of barley and hops (b) an outline of the chemical composition of barley and hops and the significance for malting and brewing (c) an explanation of the biochemical and chemical conversions occurring during malting and brewing (d) an understanding of the relevance of yeast cell structure and metabolism to the production of consistent beer (e) an appreciation of the impact which physics and engineering sciences have on the brewing process and on beer (f) an introduction to the sensory and psychophysics dimensions of beer quality.
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Grading Percentages and Course Requirements The course will be examined using two mid-term examinations (50% of the total grading) and
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FST3 Fall syllabus 2010 - UPDATED October 11, 2010 Please...

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