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Week 1 Checkpoint – Business Models and Systems My family and I frequent a local diner every Saturday for breakfast. We have many choices in our area where we could meet for breakfast but this diner offers many aspects that we’ve come to enjoy. The key elements of their business model are excellent food or trade goods, their amazing staff, and the excellent ownership. The main reason we frequent this diner is the food. They offer a very extensive menu at exceptionally good prices. The quality of their food is outstanding. They could raise their prices and we would continue to go their. Their quality is a key to their successful business but they've also priced themselves correctly for their market. In addition to the quality and price of their food they employ an outstanding staff. The type of people they employ make sure all of our needs or wants are met each time we walk through the door. It doesn't
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Unformatted text preview: matter who waits on us each week we still get the same consistent service every time. Consistency is a key component they have instilled in their employees. The business has found the correct combination of great trade goods and combined it with a very capable staff. Finally from what I can tell the business organization is good. The owners of the diner are constantly on site and interact with the customers constantly. They create a family environment for the customers and the employees. They interact well with the customers. We are always treated like an important part of their business. Even during busy hours they still maintain a high quality of service. Above all they have created a good business system by combining excellent business commerce, great business occupation, and a strong business organization....
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