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Week 3 – Checkpoint: Code of Ethics Ethical Code of Conduct All employees will be required to learn, understand, and abide by all ideals set forth in this code of conduct. Our company strives to create the highest quality product, people, and working environment possible. We will conduct ourselves in a professional business manner at all times. We will perform our business activities with integrity and avoid any practices that might bring upon doubt or embarrassment to our company. We will conduct our business within the highest standards of ethical behavior. All business decision will be made impartially, ethically, and fair in order to adhere to our company’s standards. When making any decisions we must keep in mind the effects they could have on our
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Unformatted text preview: products, customers, and overall perception of our company. Employees are required to perform their duties within the guidelines of our company policies at all times. It is our responsibility to seek help and report any possible violations of our company policies. Requiring all employees to conduct themselves in a professional manner is for obvious reasons. Employees need to act professionally in order to ensure a proper work environment. There are certain ethical standards that all business should follow. Acting impartial, ethical, creating quality products, and performing in a way to keep the companys reputation in good standing....
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