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Week 6 Brochure Essay.jspa - Week Six Assignment Job Fair...

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Week Six – Assignment: Job Fair Brochure With the popularity of pizza growing and the a seemingly endless ceiling of growth I feel it’s important to jump into a market that could offer such great returns of a business investment. In this type of situation though you have to have the right business structure, plan, and culture to create a successful business. The focus for anyone taking on a business is to be successful and that is why I feel I’ve come up with the right ideas that will help ensure great success. The structure of my business will consist of three owners working together on all daily operations of the business. I will perform the general manager duties consisting of marketing, purchasing raw products, and financial responsibilities in addition to assisting in daily operations. I will have two partners that will make up the other portion of our management team. We will all work together to train all employees to meet the specific needs of our business. Our goal is to hire a team of employees to fill 12 positions within the business. All of the prospected employees will be trained in all areas of our business process. One position will not be given greater importance over another. By creating a fully functional team of individuals we can make sure we are never shorthanded on specific positions. The training process
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Week 6 Brochure Essay.jspa - Week Six Assignment Job Fair...

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