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Week 8 assignment.jspa - Developing Good Business Sense...

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Developing Good Business Sense Page 1 of 4 Developing Good Business Sense Zachary Worley Axia College - Bus 210
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Developing Good Business Sense Page 2 of 4 I have performed contract work for many different companies and have been able to observe all of their operations on many different levels. Almost all of the companies I’ve worked with have some very similar operational objectives but they all do them in different ways. For instance a Pharmaceutical company is in business to create and produce drugs for people with illnesses. They produce a product for consumption but their products have to go through years of testing which can lead to extremely high costs to produce their products. Another company that creates a product would be food processing. This type of business is under high scrutiny for proper manufacturing rules but their requirements are completely different from those of a pharmaceutical company and their cost could be greatly cheaper because they don’t have to spend the type of research dollars that a pharmaceutical company would. Finally another business that doesn’t produce anything but is equally important in the eyes of consumes would be a grocery store. Though a grocery store doesn’t produce goods for consumers they do make goods readily available for purchase. All of these companies are different in the basic aspect of what they produce but in the end they are producing something for consumers to purchase which makes them all the same when it comes to making money. Companies possess many similarities in addition to their purpose of making money and being successful. In order to be successful companies need to rely on their employees to manage their processes, perform duties to the best of their abilities, and follow all of the rules and guidelines set down by management. In all of the companies that I’ve observed the employees have been attentive to what the company’s needs are.
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