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Week 8 Checkpoint: International Trade Debate There are many different outcomes when the government places tariffs and quotas on goods. The benefits for domestic sellers are great because it raises the domestic price of goods but unfortunately the buyers of goods suffer because of the raised price. Although there are benefits for sellers of domestic goods the people that want variety also suffer when foreign imports are limited. Free trade is a great benefit for all but in some cases in order to help a nation’s economy they need to limit the goods that are brought into the country to help the domestic trade. In order to help the American economy it has to start limiting the amount of goods in order to help the domestic businesses. As the government places tariffs on goods it will help to level the playing field for domestic producers. In some cases imported goods are being offered at a discounted rate which drives the prices of domestic products lower to be competitive and hurting the domestic producers. By issuing tariffs the government will take care of its own domestic
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