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ETH 125 Week 9 Checkpoint - In 40 years I believe our...

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Week 9 – Checkpoint I’ve dealt with diverse groups of people all my life. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been exposed to many different cultures and races and it has helped me understand, relate, and accept the differences in all people. I can’t pinpoint one specific items that has helped me to better understand minority groups better. By learning and working with a diversified group of people for so many years the life experience I’ve had with them has far surpassed anything I could have been taught from a book, class, or internet article. I have always been intrigued by my own culture but never took enough time to really learn a lot about it. The time in this class has helped me connect with the history of my culture and spark my interest further. I will continue to further my education into my culture so I will know what my history has consisted of.
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Unformatted text preview: In 40 years I believe our nation will be so multicultural and multiracial the we won’t have the separation that exists right now. The acceptance that the younger generations are showing right now should help to extinguish a lot of the animosity and racial tension we see today from the post WWII generations. I don’t want to single the older generations out but the reality they grew up in is one that this country is continuing to move away from. With that said, the face of this country will be less white and more multiracial. Education is the key to any future success of this counties future citizens. The cliche of “Knowledge is Power” is one of the best ways to mold future citizens. In order to prepare future citizens they need to be given every opportunity to learn about the history of this great nation....
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