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ETH125 Final - Race and Your Community

ETH125 Final - Race and Your Community - Race and Your...

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R a c e a n d Y o u r C o m m u n i t y - P a g e | 1 Race and Your Community ETH 125 Axia College Zac Worley August 22, 2010
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R a c e a n d Y o u r C o m m u n i t y - P a g e | 2 Like any community in America today there are different races represented depending upon what part of the county you’re in. Some areas are more diversely populated than others. Fortunately I live in a state that is represented by so many different races and cultures. It’s because of these large concentrations of minorities it has offered a chance to learn, understand, and appreciate people of different races. Over the years my community has grown very quickly. During this growth I’ve seen a change from predominantly White community to a more commonly diverse community similar to most other areas in the U.S. I’ve lived in the same community for 27 years so I’ve been able to watch the area change drastically during the past two decades. What was once a sleepy little town has become a very popular destination for people to move to. I would have to admit that 20 years ago the entire community was not that open to change so you didn’t see too many minorities but as more minorities made their way to the area they were accepted with open arms. The growth of my community has quite frankly changed its face entirely. What was once a White dominated community has become extremely diversified. I do relate to this diversely populated area on Some levels because my racial background is diverse as we. I would fall into White American category but do have other races within my family tree. When it comes to people in my community looking like me there are many that do. There are also a lot of others that don’t. If I were a minority I would absolutely want some people that had some of the same characteristics as I did to help me get more comfortable with my surroundings. I could only imagine what it is like being a new person in a strange new world.
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