ETH125_Week 1 Checkpoint_The sociology of race and ethnicity

ETH125_Week 1 Checkpoint_The sociology of race and...

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Week 2 – Checkpoint: Implicit Association Test o What is the result of your IAT? Do you think the test produced valid results in your case? o In your opinion, is it difficult to accurately measure prejudice? Why? o Describe other measurements sociologists utilize to calculate prejudice. I took the Race IAT and found that I leaned more towards African American people compared to European American people. I personaly found this test to be extremely pointless. The point of the test is to show photos associated to key words and how quickly a person responds to these two items but I don’t see how it proves anything. If you’re exposed to African Americans more than European American people then you will recognize facial characteristics easier but I don’t understand the word association factor. I’m fairly neutral when it comes to race. I can recognize differences when asked about them but when it comes down to it I just see a person not race, gender, or ethnic makeup.
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