Week 7 ETH 125 Hispanic American Diversity

Week 7 ETH 125 Hispanic American Diversity - Hispanic...

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H i s p a n i c A m e r i c a n D i v e r s i t y - P a g e | 1 Hispanic American Diversity ETH 125 Axia College Zac Worley August 11, 2010
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H i s p a n i c A m e r i c a n D i v e r s i t y - P a g e | 2 There are many different cultures and nationalities that make up America today. Through immigration and natural citizens it has become a melting pot of different civilizations. Over many years there has been an influence of many ethnic groups that have historical ties to earlier civilizations. The Mexican Americans and Puerto Rican groups we see today have ties to much earlier ethnic groups. Mexican Americans can trace a lot of their heritage back to Central America and Native American groups. Historically Mexican Americans can be traced back to being some of the earliest settlers in what we see at the United States of today. Years before Europeans landed at Plymouth Rock there were Mexican settlers in what is present day New Mexico. As the early settlers advanced across the land they took what they wanted and eventually settled a lot of differences through wars. The wars eventually ended but the people endured a lot of negative treatment from what eventually grew into the United States. Government initiatives took over and basically drove the non immigrant Mexican people off of their lands and out of the country. Even though they were original citizens they were treated like foreign people in a new land. Although the people did their best to adapt to the new culture they still kept many aspects of their own culture alive. Religion was a very important part of what made up the culture. The social, political, and family make up revolved around their beliefs in religion. Through treaties from the wars they were guaranteed freedom of religion and land but most of their culture was stripped from them during the push to remove the Mexican people from American land. Like many minority groups there are a lot of obstacles that plague the culture and
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Week 7 ETH 125 Hispanic American Diversity - Hispanic...

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