bis 219 final - Criteria One: Organization Description and...

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Criteria One: Organization Description and Demographic Information Provide a brief description of the organization and demographic information. Consider the following questions: Who are the people in the organization? Who are the people the organization serves? Business opportunities come a long all the time if people are willing to do what is necessary to make them successful. An opportunity presented itself which is why Lisa Tejada and Ruben Keys are fulfilling their dreams of opening a nightclub. During college they supported themselves by performing in nightclubs as jazz musicians. They learned the necessary in and outs of running a nightclub from their experience of working in them. They also both possess Business Administration degrees which has given them the business principles they need to be successful. After extensive renovations on their building they have opened Club IT. Club IT is a music venue offering live bands on Friday and Saturdays. From Tuesday through Thursday the club offers a DJ spinning different types of music. The club also offers a full bar and some food options for their customers. The club employs a bar and wait staff, a kitchen crew, entertainment manager, and a general operations manager. Ruben and Lisa run the office and maintain the financial information for the business. The vision for the club has paid off by offering an atmosphere of fun and liveliness. This atmosphere is attracting a younger tech savvy crowd each night. Some of their patrons are becoming regulars but they are still attracting new clientele each week. Lisa and Ruben have noticed their clientele regularly use smart phones while at the club. After getting to know some of their regulars they have come to realize if they want to stay ahead in a competitive business like night clubs they need to have up to date technology offering for both their customers and their business. The club doesn’t have a large employment base but in order to service their customers better Lisa and Ruben know they must invest in updated Information Technology system in order to meet the needs of the business as a whole. Criteria Two: Goals and Strategy Provide a clear set of goals and a strategy for using information systems to achieve these goals and improve business. Consider the following questions: What are the short- and long-term goals of the organization? What role will information systems play in achieving these goals? How will information systems fulfill that role? On the outside Club IT looks to be doing extremely well. The club is continually packed night in and night out. The atmosphere is still upbeat and new customers are being attracted each week. Speaking with Lisa and Ruben they are pleased with their initial results and success of the business
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bis 219 final - Criteria One: Organization Description and...

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