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C l u b I T P a g e | 1 Club IT BIS 219 Axia College Zac Worley October 10, 2010 Club it is a business venture started by two college friends. Both supported themselves throughout college by performing in nightclubs. This experience taught them many things about working
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C l u b I T P a g e | 2 in a nightclub. They gained enough knowledge of the business to the point where they wanted to open a nightclub of their own. They made their dream a reality when they opened up a nightclub called Club IT. The club is a 6,000 square foot space with a dance floor, bar, and kitchen. They offer seating for 220 people and the kitchen serves appetizers and short orders. Their mission is to create an atmosphere offering live music, DJ’s on certain nights, refreshments, and an atmosphere with a community feel. The goal of the business is to build a feeling of friendship with patrons and meet the needs of regulars at Club IT. In order for Club IT to accomplish its goals it needs to update its Information System. The clubs goals are to create a nightclub possessing regular patrons and creating a friendly atmosphere to their patrons. The owners have a great idea to involve both live music and a DJ certain nights of the week. This is a great plan but they must make sure their IT system can handle all aspects of their music presentations and their needs for running the business. The IT system will also allow all or the businesses employees the ability to track their wages earned, time off, and hours worked. The system will need to
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BIS 219 Week 4 Assignment_Club IT - Club IT Page |1 Club IT...

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