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BIS 219 Week 5 Checkpoint – Problems at JetBlue When making business decisions it’s never easy, especially when the choice is the wrong one. In JetBlue’s case their decisions to stay in a holding situation with their planes on the slim chance the weather would break was a terrible decision but had the weather broke JetBlue would be praised for their bold decision making. Unfortunately their bold choice eventually leads to complete disaster for a small period of time. It’s very easy to sit back and critique a poor decision after the fact. Looking at JetBlue’s situation their biggest problem wasn’t the decisions they made that day, it was the ones made way back when they decided not to upgrade their IT system. Computers are one of the world’s greatest assets and
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Unformatted text preview: the internet is an amazing tool. In 2007 the technology was available to integrate their entire system to ensure customer service needs were met no matter what kind of disaster was to strike. If the decision were mine I would integrate baggage handling, reservations, and crew members into one user friendly system. Communication is the key to a successful business and if all areas of the business can’t communicate effectively then problems will occur. Finally I would update the website so it’s interactive for customers. With today’s technology abilities many issues could be solved by having a website that covers all of a customer’s needs from the moment they purchase a ticket to the point when they complete their travel....
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