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BIS 219 Week 8 Checkpoint

BIS 219 Week 8 Checkpoint - server A way to assist with...

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BIS 219 – Week 8 Checkpoint: Web 2.0 The internet has become an information super highway that has grown and evolved into a useful tool for many users. Personal use of the internet has grown and so has business use. When businesses began to step into the arena of making the internet a primary tool of doing business they looked to better ways to utilize the internet. Web 2.0 has become one of the key outcomes of utilizing the internet for business more effectively. Web 2.0 is easily described as a social network for business. Companies can interact and share information through the internet. Customers can connect with a company and perform tasks that use to be done through a telephone. A lot of the features offered make the ability to do business easier but there are still limitations. In certain cases the Web 2.0 service doesn’t always offer the same security as a server based software application. The We 2.0 system cannot always access a client’s file
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Unformatted text preview: server. A way to assist with this issue is to have a closed loop communication network with a client system. A scenario like this has security built into the loop so it allows for greater accessibility. Companies that try to use a social network technology system often get bogged down by having to grant access rights to so many individuals. In short a Web 2.0 system can be limited by its security offerings if not on a closed network loop. These issues can cause companies to revert back to the usual window based software platforms. Though there are minor issues currently businesses have begun to get on board with a Web 2.0 practices. By getting integrated with this type of technology companies are better prepared for the future. Without a doubt they will be more prepared for future technology opportunities and perform better than their competitors....
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