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Bus 219 – Week 2 Checkpoint: A Microfinance MIS Management information systems are an important part of most businesses. Mifos has created a system that will allow companies to streamline their microfinance processes. The Mifos database offers a centralized management information system(MIS). The system is a web based MIS that boosts a companies efficiency because all processes can be easily accessed through the internet. Being web based, any client can access the system from anywhere at any time. The ability for access anywhere allows the service to be utilized by more clients all over the world. The system can be specifically marketed to lower income or poverty stricken areas of the world. Because the system will be marketed to such a diverse audience the design had to be simple and easy to navigate. The system was designed to look similar to a web browsing page found on most major internet
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Unformatted text preview: sites. By offering a format that users will be familiar with allows for acceptance and understanding more quickly. While offering simple understanding it helps to reinforce the ability to offer the service to less fortunate countries. The product offers more In addition to ease of use there are built in social performances tools. These tools allow the user to check the progress of poor clients performance out of poverty levels. Though the system is easy to use it does offer some very complex features. There are multiple financial and accounting functions built into the program in addition to support. There are many loan and saving products offered through the system with the ability to add more products instantly. With all the functionality and ease of use just a mouse click away, the Mifos MIS is a great product offering....
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